Tomorrow’s business is a movement

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We firmly believe in what we’re doing. We know why it makes sense, we know how it works, and we know we have a fair, appropriate, and progressive business model.

But most of all we know it’ll work because we’re giving power to a movement.

The movement towards sustainable, largely local food is both necessary and desirable. The lovely thing is that we don’t really need to tell you that. Even the people who don’t know why it’s a sensible thing to do still want to support their local businesses and to know that their food is healthy. All we have to do is help speed your journey and remove impediments to your route.

So it is that Sustaination represents a movement of people who want the many and varied benefits of a sustainable food system.

This video describes it nicely: Every business should be a movement — that is, a social network with a common purpose, where everyone shares a passion for the cause.

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