Sustaination Suggestions: Things to do

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This time of year families get together, old friends get back in touch and children, off school for two weeks, are filled with too much sugar and festive excitement. It is also a time when people take a quiet break from work to reconnect with themselves and the world around them. It is a great opportunity to try new activities and share new experiences. Who knows, you might even discover a New Years resolution. Here are some Sustaination Suggestions and the best bit is, most of them are free:

We all love a sense of adventure and what could be more adventurous than a treasure hunt? Geocaching is a GPS enabled real life outdoor treasure hunt where you head towards a set of coordinates to find the cache. Once found, you can log your find and take an object from the container if you replace it with something non-perishable or equal or greater value.

Once a year, LEAF organises Open Farm Sunday (the next one is on 13th June). However, this doesn’t mean you can’t visit farms all year round. Search their site for a LEAF Demonstration Farm near you for a great family day out.

A great tradition in my family is the Boxing Day walk where we are forced out of the house in our wellies to get some fresh air and work off the Christmas pudding. If you don’t know where to start or want to find somewhere new, Natural England lists all the nature reserves, country parks, and national paths. If family members need encouraging, why not turn it into a friendly game to be the first person to find 10 fallen pinecones, to see a horse, to jump in a puddle etc. The National Trust have lots of beautiful properties to visit, most are perfect for a good country walk and offer nature trails and information boards. Don’t forget take a flask of hot chocolate for a warming midway refreshment (mulled wine would also work…).

The Woodland Trust is full of good ideas for making the most of the great outdoors. Why not follow their guide to build a den or turn it into a thank you gift with their handy printable vouchers.

If you want something a bit more hands on, check out Mission:Explore. This brilliant site is brought to you by The Geography Collective and is a series of missions to discover. Find a mission, complete the mission, then earn points and collect awards. Don’t forget to show off your success to your friends.

There are also lots of things you can do within the comfort of your own home. Get creative with discarded gift wrapping, packaging and things you find in the bottom of your draw. Give old tat a beautiful new lease of life. Mollie Makes is a great site and magazine to draw inspiration from. Get cooking and turn Christmas leftovers into exciting new meals. Check out the Platter app for recipe ideas and to share your creations with your friends from your smartphone. Involve friends and family, swap recipes and food.

There is no excuse for getting bored this holiday season. Whether you’re having a big family do with children running riot or taking some quiet down time to prepare for a busy year ahead, turn off the TV, go outside, discover how awesome the UK really is.

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