What is your business case for sustainability?

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In the Guardian’s Sustainable Business Blog last week, Ed Gillespie said its time to stop asking ‘What is the business case for sustainability?’ and instead start demanding ‘What’s the business case for unsustainability?’ Basically, all businesses should be thinking about sustainability and what it means for them.  The Welsh Government are on the ball with this one and have worked with Ed’s team at Futerra to produce the Business Case for Climate Action. This report is the perfect handbook on how to ensure your business is ready to survive and profit from climate change.

A question we’ve posed before is why focus on SMEs? The answer remains because there are a lot of them and because they are agile enough to respond to changing environments. The power of SMEs working together can drive systemic change in any sector. This report focuses on SMEs because:

“Accelerating efficiencies within existing businesses, nurturing emerging ethical innovators and enterprises, and relocalising the way we produce and trade together, will all play a part in our enduring economic success. This is because it’s not just what we make and do, it’s how we do it…The key to securing the viability of every business lies in adopting to the impacts local communities will face from climate change and seizing the opportunities it presents.”

Why should SME owners download it? 64% of UK businesses have suffered supply chain disruptions due to extreme weather. If climate change hasn’t already affected you and your business it is likely to at some point possibly through transport disruption, loss of staff, damage to premises, changes in processes, or shifts in markets. However, climate change doesnt have to just pose a threat to your business; it may create opportunities for growth and innovation. Beat the system and figure out how use climate change to your advantage.

This report takes you on a journey through the potential risks and opportunities for your sector and directs you to the questions you need to be asking about your business. I reckon if you follow the steps they include you will be well on the way to building a business resilient to climate change. But don’t just take my word for it, read it yourself.


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