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Casserole Club: Home-cooked food made by neighbours for neighbours. Do something great with an extra plate.

Pasture Fed Livestock Association: a grassroots community interest company (c.i.c) comprising of farmers, butchers, academics and other people who have a general interest in developing the potential of pasture in the UK. Membership is open to anyone wishing to help promote the virtues pastureland, the livestock it supports and the produce we derive from it.

Edible edifice – Building the offices of tomorrow: – your canteen could be serving up meals grown on the walls of the building. (Of course this probably isn’t news to you, dear Reader. Ed.)

Food Sovereignty: Food sovereignty proposes an alternative food system that creates practical, sustainable and democratic solutions to the failed industrialised food model. It is an approach developed by smallscale food producers in the global South that has become a global movement. (See also their great partner list)

The Co-operative is saving £50 million a year just by putting doors on its refrigerators. Well.. duh / at last / yay for the Co-op! / come on everyone else! – via The Guardian and Grist

Global Food: Waste not, want not.: With current practices wasting up to 50% of all food produced, engineers need to act now and promote sustainable ways to reduce waste from the farm to the supermarket and to the consumer. — However beware of zombie statistics with this great analysis of the same numbers.

New plan to attract youngsters into food and farming: The government has launched a new plan to attract more young people into the food and farming industries.

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