How To Build An Sustainable Food Business (and Still Make Money)

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Please share  your top tips for building and running a sustainable food business!

We’re teaching a few courses this summer to help a new wave of food entrepreneurs grow healthy, ethical, sustainable businesses. 

We’d love to share your tips, thoughts, observations, and trends. 

Have you ever noticed that people prefer to choose meat on a pub menu when the source farm is mentioned? And they are willing to pay a few quid more as well? Join this masterclass to discover why building sustainable food companies is not only one of the most essential challenges of our times, but also a great business opportunity.

Taking you through the tenets of sustainable trading from the three perspectives of people, planet and profit, Ed will help you identify the opportunities you can take advantage of and resources that make it straightforward to trade with good conscience. He’ll also look at the success of brands who minimise the supply chain from farm to fork, winning the loyalty of customers as a result.

Inspiring and practical, this class will give you an essential grounding in how to offer originlal and affordable food that is produced, processed and distirbuted in ways that are good for nature, good for workers, food for animal welfare and good for local businesses.

What have you found works for you? What do you wish you’d known when you started? Do cooperatives work better than limited companies? How do you find and retain the right people? 

The top 3 comments will receive 6 months premium membership on FoodTrade!

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