7 observations and reminders about the future of sustainable farming

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  1. There is no reward for being right. That’s really annoying, but it’s true. 

    Lots of people have been doing the right thing (farming sustainably, for example) all along. They are not going to get the credit they deserve. It sucks, but that just seems to be the way of things.

    Look on the bright side: historically, lots of other people who have been very right about things have been burnt at the stake. I know that doesn’t ring much cheer, but.. well at least “farming this way since 1972″ will soon make you seem more of a hero than a throwback.

  2. Innovation in food production and supply is desperately required. On a colossal scale.
  3. We need hundreds of thousands of new, small, local food producers, processors, retailers, and caterers.
  4. We need to lower the barriers to participation…
  5. .. and increase its rewards, by paying a fair price which reflects the absorbed externalities (NOT polluting, NOT allow the soil to be degraded, NOT spraying chemicals..)
  6. We need abundant communication, cooperation, and network transparency to encourage efficient resource use, pre-competitive collaboration, and knowledge sharing to educate participants.
  7. We are collaborators in change, not competitors. With such market dominance from old-school industrialised players, we should not waste effort competing with each other, too.

We believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that this will lead to stronger relationships between people and their food suppliers, and between those suppliers and THEIR suppliers, and so on.

Short supply chains are an inevitability as we respond to increasing costs and a shifting social structure and environmental conditions.

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