Who put the junk in there in the first place?

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We applaud Sainsbury’s attempts to improve the health of the food it serves. It’s not an easy task, especially for such a large company, and it’s admirable that they’re working on it.

I’m not sure their marketing department has a grounding in critical thinking or logic, though…

This in-store ad in Paddington station says, “We dumped the junk”, followed up by “Our values make us different”.

To my mind ‘values’ are one of those core, fundamental things which don’t really change very often. They are the meta-laws which govern our behaviour and interactions with the world and each other, and tend to come down to very simple things like “be nice to each other” and “try to help people be the best people they can be”. If those are the sort of values which make Sainsbury’s different, then that’s ace.

Food science hasn’t developed that rapidly in the last decade, so at some point in the not-too-distant past someone at Sainsbury’s evidently too the decision to put ‘junk’ into the food they sell. Otherwise they’d not be able to take it out now, right?

So have Sainsbury’s values changed? What were they back then, and what are they now?  It doesn’t really do justice to the hard work they’re putting in.

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