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There is a growing movement of organisations and individuals working on a number of fantastic projects tackling our growing food waste crisis.

Amongst some of the best campaigns shines The Pig Idea. You are invited to go swine with them in Trafalgar Square for “The Pig Idea Feast” on the 21st November. For 7 months the team have been rearing eight pigs on London’s Stepney City Farm on a diet of organic food waste. The finished pork will be cooked and served up for FREE at the feast by some of the UK’s best restaurants and chefs. Brilliant! There is everything to love about this project!

Whist eight pigs is only the beginning, lets hope it raises significant awareness of the role pigs can play in recycling foodwaste AND providing a tasty end product.

Helen Browning of the Soil Association and Helen Browning Organics said of the idea, “The Pig Idea is common sense for everyone. This is waht pigs are designed for”.

We couldn’t agree more. Lets hope this initiative acheives its objectives of restoring public confidence in the safety of feeding food surplus to pigs, encourages more projects like this and goes a way towards seeing EU law far more opportunities for animals to act as nutrient cyclers throughout the food syste,.

For more information about The Pig Idea and The Pig Idea Feast:

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