Agri-food business reviewers sought for data project – URGENT!

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Research project seeks reviewers – could you help?

A new project is kicking off, aimed at addressing these issues by increasing our understanding and knowledge of the role of data in the food system.

It has the following objectives:

1. Understand social, technological, managerial and business aspects of existing data collection, processing and sharing practices.

2. Map the evolving needs and pressures across a range of different paradigmatic food supply chains, and thereby identify a set of requirements and best practices.

3. Propose future data collection systems, identifying processes and types of ICT technologies with a specific focus on the importance of standards.

4. Propose a roadmap for transitioning to the new data systems.

They need a number of people actively working in the agri-food sector who would be willing to act as reviewers.

Can you help? Drop us an email by 11am today (30 Jan) please!

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