Please help us win “Best Initiative” in the BBC Food awards

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If you have two minutes, can you help us win the Best Initiative in British Food? It’s for a specific idea or initiative that’s making a positive difference to how and what Britain eats, and is showing the industry the way forward.

Here’s a few helpful notes :)


Who or what are you nominating?

FoodTrade is the tool foodies, artisans, and real food businesses have been waiting for.

It helps you find your nearest producers and stockists, connect with collaborators, map your local food web, share knowledge about provenance, and trade in real-time.


Please tell us about the specific idea or initiative this business / organisation is delivering?

Its been a bit of a bumpy road for FoodTrade (formerly Sustaination, featured on the Food Programme back in Jan’12), but it’s now shaped into something wonderful and exciting.

Why isn’t it easy to find all my local stockists for Wild Beer? Or find out who wants to buy these 4 crates of pears? And why isn’t selling and sourcing local food as easy as sending a tweet or a status update?

FoodTrade answers these, and many more. Through (long and painful research), we understand that food businesses are busy and don’t want to spend ages online updating websites. So we made it so you can just just tweet @foodtradeHQ and we’ll spread the word.

And from later this year you’ll be able to add a price and accept direct payments, too.

In addition, it’s like Wikipedia, in that anyone can add information about what produce is available where, and who trades what with who.

FoodTrade is already working with governments, organisations, and innovators to seed new possibilities in food trading.


Explain why this innovation is award winning; how can it influence the wider food industry?

Sometimes described as “facebook for the food system”, Prince Charles says that “this technology could change the way food networks operate”. We think he’s right.

Taking direct trading to fields, kitchens, shop floors and warehouses, democratising the data we need to make a difference, and involving everyone in the transition to a sustainable, responsible, thriving food system. What’s not to love?

Moreover, it’s a social enterprise, which works with a single-minded goal of using food to make the world a healthier place. Oh, and it works internationally, too, so from Alaska to Zanzibar we can all play a role in rewiring the food system, for good.

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