Can you help a flooded farmer?
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Can you help a flooded farmer?


Okay we’re really sorry for not thinking of this before (partly due to a prolonged stag weekend and slow brain..) but now we have.

As we know it’s pretty wet out there. And that means lots of farmers and their livestock needing your help, fields, barn space, lorries, trailers, silage, and so on and so on.

As you may not yet know, FoodTrade is a matchmaking and collaboration system for people working in the food trade, from farm-to-fork at scales from smallholder to supermarket.

Once you’ve signed up (just 15 second with twitter) you can just tweet @foodtradeHQ with your #wants #offers, and we’ll:


  • map all the tweets
  • make them searchable, by keyword and by distance
  • conversations are all collated onto one page, with a map of all participants – making collaboration very easy and locally sensible
  • everyone can contact each other directly, so FoodTrade is never a bottleneck. 

We are waiving all signup fees for at least the next 2 weeks.

We’ll keep posting updates.

See also: #forageaid


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  • eddowding says:

    We’re just adding some functionality this morning so anyone can register with a tweet, too, meaning they can send #wants and #offers right away.

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