How to use FoodTrade for #flood #offers and #wants
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How to use FoodTrade for #flood #offers and #wants


1. Tell us what you #need or can #offer

Just cc @foodtradeHQ on your message, being as specific as possible. Eg,

  • #offer Two 29 ton trailers of #forage
  • #want diesel #engine for pump
  • #want #dryland for 50 cattle
  • #offer 80t #forage avail mid April

You do not need to tell us where you are or how to contact you since you gave us that when you signed up.

(Rather than tweeting, you can also login at as usual and do it there.)


2. What we do with your messages:

  • They’re posted to twitter
  • They are mapped at
  • We make them searchable, by keyword and by distance from any point
  • Conversations are all displayed on one page, with a map of all participants – making collaboration very easy


What if you’re not already registered?

Sign up at, or simply join by sending a tweet:

@foodtradeHQ   #join   yourlocation

for example:

@foodtradeHQ #join TA14 5SP


Why do it this way?

  • It’s easy, and you’re doing it anyway – just add “@foodtradeHQ” to the message
  • Messages are stored and shared, meaning they get seen by more people more of the time
  • Everyone can contact each other directly, so FoodTrade is never a bottleneck.
  • Nothing gets lost, every offer is easily made – every need is recorded and (hopefully) matched.
  • You can keep on using it for real time trading once the waters abate.

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