Shop locally and we’ll give you £10.
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Shop locally and we’ll give you £10.


One of the most common objections heard by the staff and volunteers in the community shop where my Mum lives is that “it’s a little expensive, isn’t it?”

Working to promote local shops as we do, I couldn’t let that one pass – especially since I’m spending a few months in the area – and decided I’d try to help.

Here’s the first thing I’ve made for them:

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 22.33.02



Shopping locally isn’t just about creating good livelihoods, building strong friendly communities, and looking after our shared environment. Sometimes it just makes lots of economic sense, too.

If you’re a small shop, please don’t be backward about coming forward. You have some really powerful strengths working in your favour.

I’ll post the next idea next week, so now might be a good time to subscribe to our newsletter ;)

Feel free to please DOWNLOAD THIS TEMPLATE (Microsoft Word compatible) and use it locally.

Tools used: to calculate the fuel cost to calculate the driving time


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