Chips with everything: how local food is about to go big
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Chips with everything: how local food is about to go big


It’s exciting, exciting times here at FoodTrade HQ — it’s all kicking off with local food events in planning for this summer, partnerships in the offing, possible trials starting in India, and we’re looking to improve our services for public sector procurement! We’re also doing some fundraising to help support our bigger ambitions.

But lest we get ahead of ourselves, this week we’re back in Bristol discussing how food and tech can scale local food systems to not only compete with, but actually out-perform the way things are done today.

Do come an join the discussion with:

  • The Soil Association’s Ben Raskin who will be exploring what a sustainable local food system looks like and why it is so important
  • The BBC’s Farmer of the Year nominee Luke Hasell will be sharing his thoughts on the need to break free from Big Food
  • Leaving FoodTrade’s Ed Dowding and FarmDrop’s CEO Ben Patten to explore why and how developments in digital tech can truly support local food networks.

Talks from 7-8pm and drinks and chats either side.

Please do pass on the word if you have any friends who want to be part of the local food revolution; as farmers, food producers, someone wanting to set up their own local food initative or anyone who is just really keen to hear more.

To visit Local Food’s Digital Revolution, go here:

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