The world’s first speed dating for food businesses
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The world’s first speed dating for food businesses


April 2014


FoodTrade – the search engine for real food – is set to create dynamic new trade relationships by matchmaking virtual ‘dates’ between local producers and stockists.

Over the coming months, the online food network will capture the tastiest of the UK’s food companies via video. These short films will boost user profiles on the site, giving character and individuality to the supply chain.

Farmers and producers will have 15 seconds to flaunt their finest food – whether it’s carrots, croissants or calamari. The site will then invite chefs, caterers, restaurateurs and shop owners to discuss the produce they love to cook and sell. FoodTrade will match-make these video profiles and watch the magic happen.

By promoting local trade, this innovative networking site promises to help restore the prosperity of Britain’s farms and primary processors who have financially suffered in recent years from the volatile global market.

The technology offered by FoodTrade provides these small businesses the same advantages a large food corporations: the market intelligence to make smarter trade decisions.

Ed Dowding, CEO of FoodTrade said: “The food system is responsible for 15 percent of employment, 70 percent of water use and 70 percent of land use. If we change the way we eat even just a little bit, the cascading changes are huge.

We’re just a few choices away from richer flavours, healthier and more nutritious produce, improved local livelihoods, less pollution, revitalised economies, and more. Whether it’s a carrot or a camembert, everything we eat has a story to tell. We’re giving a voice to the supply chain.”

A social enterprise based in Bristol, FoodTrade connects buyers, producers and businesses in their local areas, with a mission to create a modern food system based on trust, resilience and responsibility. HRH Prince Charles said of the organisation: “This technology could transform the way food networks operate.” Like social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, FoodTrade offers something for everyone: from farmer to family, smallholder to supermarket.

Visit to register for free, or follow them on Twitter @FoodTradeHQ.

For more information, or to arrange an interview with CEO Ed Dowding, please contact:

Lyndsey Knight
M: +44 7596 813283
T: @FoodTradeHQ

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