True Cost at Bristol Food Connections
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True Cost at Bristol Food Connections


The best things in life are free. Like seeing a rainbow, having good manners, and falling in love. Oh, and our Starter Membership package, too. You see just because things are free, does not mean that they are worthless.

Why is it then, that often things are valued without accordance to their true value?



Let’s take, for example, that banana you’re eating. It cost 15p in the supermarket. Pretty cheap, huh? But do you know the true cost of that banana? Do you know how much it cost to clean the environment from the chemicals sprayed onto the crops? Or the cost of healthcare to cover the uninsured workers on the farm? Or the benefits they claimed to support their families as their meagre wage doesn’t cover the cost of living?

This is the real cost of the food we’re eating.

Following the success of their international conference in London last year, the Sustainable Food Trust will be introducing guests to the ideas behind true cost accounting and delivering what promises to be a dynamic discussion:

Why does our economic system makes it more profitable to produce food in ways that damage the environment and our health, instead of rewarding methods of production that deliver benefits?

Join SFT’s CEO Patrick Holden, and special guest speakers from across food and farming, including Triodos Bank,The Telegraph and Compassion in World Farming, to explore this thought-provoking debate. The evening is one of a host of delightful and delicious events within the revolutionary food festival Bristol Food Connections; an 11 day celebration of our love of food, our community and our environment.

What’s more, we’re giving two lucky FoodTrade members free tickets to True Cost Accounting at Bristol Food Connections on Tuesday May 6th.

To win a ticket (list price: £20; real value: everlasting knowledge and a sneak preview of the future of economics) simply Tweet @foodtradeHQ or post on our Facebook with the answer to the following question:

Q – Which Bristol food business are you most proud of?


Winners will be chosen at random and announced on 30th April at 5pm.

You must be a member of FoodTrade to enter. Not a member yet? Join free

Event details:

6.30pm to 8.30pm

Tuesday 6th May

Paintworks, Bath Road, Bristol BS4 3EH

Tickets include a delicious light-buffet and drinks reception.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014 from 18:30 to 20:30

Buy tickets here

Find out more about True Cost Accounting here.

True Cost Accounting in Food and Farming

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