#FoodTradeTuesday launch and debrief
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#FoodTradeTuesday launch and debrief

Making good things happen in the food world

When FoodTrade’s Ed and Lyndsey sat down to discuss planning a real-time event in Bristol, there no question about what they wanted. A place for food traders to meet, speak and think with each other; a space for honesty, strength and collaboration.

#FoodTradeTuesday was born so we could all know who’s who and who’s what and where’s what so we can optimise the potential benefits of the food system (or how we like to put it, so we can make good stuff happen).

In all honesty, we had no idea how our first event would be…but boy was it a success! There were fourteen FoodTraders who came to our debut event; a beguiling mix of growers, chefs, fishmongers, food writers, food campaigners, urban farmers and manufacturers.

After a brief welcome from Ed, the group got stuck into the pitches. Non-compulsory but wholly encouraged, our FoodTraders gave a short, succinct intro to who they were and what they needed from FoodTrade. From new retail opportunities, to the market demand of aquaponics, ideas for new businesses, and shout-outs for PR, there were all manner of opportunities for collaborative magic…

The #FoodTradeTuesday Action:

So what did we do? Take a deep breath – Here goes…

Pete and Dermot (Grow Bristol) whom received valuable market demand insight from Joe (Source Food Hall), Kieran (Friska) and Clare (5 o’clock Apron). Chris (I’m Amazing) pitched his organic raw salad boxes and now may well be supplying from Steve (Severn Project) and Joe (Source Food Hall) in the near future.

Chris (I’m Amazing) also connected with Rosie who’s is starting a health food cafe in Bristol, who asked Kieran (Friska) for guidance on sustainable local food sourcing…


…and then we welcomed Gabriel (The Spanish Buffet) who swapped contacts with Joe (Source Food Hall) and agreed to sign a fish sourcing pledge from Flora (Sustainable Fish Cities).

Sophie inquired to the FoodTraders about a potential internship. And everybody loved the fairly-traded sailboat-shipped low-carbon wine from Anton (Xisto Wines) who supplies restaurants, delis and wine shops in Bristol and is going to use FoodTrade for filling gaps on their regular trans-European sail-cargo trips.

Phew! And that’s not even half of it.

We’re all working towards a better food future, a more resilient, progressive way of working, but it’s not easy, and certainly not if you’re a small business or just starting out. At #FoodTradeTuesday businesses and individuals meet, put faces to names, break down perceived barriers, make friends, and come together with an eye to mutual and welcoming collaboration; with excitement for possibilities, and no hard feelings if things fail to happen because we’ll better understand each others positions.

If this all sounds pretty groovy to you, we’d be delighted if you’ll come to our next #FoodTradeTuesday event in July – watch this space for details soon, and join in the conversation on Twitter using the #FoodTradeTuesday hashtag.

Before we head off, we’ve got Source Food Hall to thank for the ambiance – the humbly decadent wood-beamed deli, the chilled drinks that refreshed our sun-beaten languor, and the delectable antipasto. There was peppery charcuterie, soft and paper-thin Capacollo and fennel infused Finnocchiona, fat wedges of Dorstone goats’ cheese and thick, crumbling oat cakes, and oh the Nocellara olives! In short, if you haven’t been yet, go now.


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