How to buy better food and save money
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How to buy better food and save money


We’re incredibly lucky to be in the South West – it’s packed with amazing producers and amazing food. That said, we there are challenges for successful food businesses that can obstruct from sourcing the best food – time, logistics, storage, knowledge, and of course, the bottom line.

But don’t sweat! Your sourcing nightmares will soon be over and you’ll soon be smiling in the Land of Fabulous Food and Brilliant Business. We’re launching The Lime Project, an exciting initiative with selected businesses in Bristol to support independent trade and boost the local economy. With help from the FoodTrade team, participating chefs, cafes, restaurants, caterers and shops will overcome these challenges, discover opportunities for innovation and improvement, and choose the very best local produce.

Using FoodTrade’s food mapping technology, we’ll sit down with each local business and show them how to map demand, save money by buying together, share resources, and communicate their positive impact to their customers. The project offers small businesses the same advantages a large food corporations: the market intelligence to make smarter trade decisions.

The ‘Who Feeds Bristol’ report shows 3% of businesses in Bristol are specifically known to supply food from the local region. Ed Dowding, CEO of FoodTrade thinks a revitalised economy is not far from reach: “We’re just a few choices away from a healthier, less polluted, stronger and, not to mention, tastier, Bristol”.

If you’d like to save money and buy better, you can read more or contact Lyndsey at Oh and it’s free, because we’re nice like that.


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