5 food essentials you can stop buying and start making
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5 food essentials you can stop buying and start making

Save money, use up surplus veggies, and avoid additives with these 5 delicious ideas


1 // DIY Nutella

This one’s first on the ‘essentials’ list purely because I’m a chocoholic. The smell of Nutella instantly takes me back to childhood camping holidays (the only time we were allowed it!) and smearing the thick, silky spread onto fresh baguettes in France. Incidentally I don’t buy it anymore, it shatters my will-power and I’d eat the whole tub with a spoon. Or my fingers. Although now I’ve found out how to easily make it, the end’s nigh for my waistline. Here’s a decent recipe.






jamjar2 // Salad dressing
We were late onto the jam jar dressing train, and it wasn’t until I bought Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food that our salads were launched into a exhilaratingly diverse world of zing and flavour. Gone are the boring honey and mustard bottles that sat crusty in our fridge: say hello to spicing up salads.





mayonnaise3 // Mayonnaise
Whether you like yours smeared on hot chips (we can’t understand that one), dunked on calamari or mixed into a potato salad, it’s hard to find a fridge without this creamy condiment. But despite Hellmann’s going to every length to persuade us it’s ‘real’, we think this homemade version blows it out the picture. And for all those mayo haterz out there, add a wee bit of garlic and you’ve got hipster-ready aioli.



sourdough loaf

4 // Bread

We’re backing the Real Bread campaign and our fresh sourdough is one of the best things we’ve ever woken up to. For the beginner baker, bread can be a little bit daunting, so here’s an easy recipe to start you off. Post your loaf on Instagram and tag us @FoodTradeHQ to share your sweet-smelling success!







ketchup5 // Ketchup
Heinz tomato sauce is a stapel in many kitchens. But did you know it’s laden with additives, sugar and salt? We made this homemade tomato sauce for a Summer BBQ recently and it knocked those burgers socks off (credit to you again, Jamie O’). Seriously. It’s like the best thing ever. Even little kids and your granny will rave about the stuff.



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