How to start fixing the food system from anywhere in the world
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How to start fixing the food system from anywhere in the world

We hear stories from people all over the world who want to fix their local food system. Here's how to get started...

Statistics show five out of five people eat food.
That’s 7 billion of us that share a fundamental need to eat.
Imagine if we all made a few small changes?
Our strength lies in collective intelligence.

Whether you’ve got five minutes or longer, you have the power to change your local food network.

If you’ve got a few minutes…
Tell the world what and where you want to eat. Send a simple FoodTrade update.
Vote with your fork. Three times a day you’ve got the choice to buy from local suppliers
Share our story. Send this email to your friends, colleagues and networks.
Celebrate our mission. Post this tweet and share this link on Facebook.
Love your local. Vouch for your favourite food businesses.

If you’ve got a few hours…
Share our mission. Send this letter/email to your local press
Get connected. When you’re next having a pint at your local, add 5 local brewers to their profile
Be inquisitive. When you’re next out for lunch ask your waitress where the food came from
If you’re a business, make sure your profile’s up-to-date and invite your suppliers/stockists to connect with you
Tell us your story. Email with your ideas, problems for us to solve, or just say hi!

If you’ve got more time…
Hello Happy Hour! Hold a FoodTrade networking night in your community.
Start the food web. Engage with your local community, social or university groups and ask them to map their food webs. You can show them this video, send them this letter/email and tweet them this message.
Be a hero. We can provide tools to help you organise events, write articles and lead your local area into a better economy. Email and we’ll jump at the chance to help.

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