Compliance is dull, but we won’t let allergens get the better of anyone
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Compliance is dull, but we won’t let allergens get the better of anyone

We're turning the allergen labelling headache into a marketing opportunity

This is a press release for our latest tool – FoodTrade Menu.
For more information or a press pack, please contact Lyndsey Knight on or call 07596 813283.

The FoodTrade team, committed to mapping the global food system, are launching an innovative food labelling service ahead of the EU changes taking place on the 13th December.

As well as offering allergen labelling compliance, FoodTrade Menu allows food businesses to connect to suppliers that match their ingredient list, whilst promoting their allergen-aware menu and sourcing ethos to thousands of customers on FoodTrade’s searchable global food map (

The new site stores 1000s of pre-listed ingredients, including allergens and food origin making it easy to make event the most complex menus compliant in minutes. During 2015 they will add nutrition information, food miles, and much more – ensuring every business can meet the next level of nutrition labelling standards in Dec 2015

Ed Dowding, founder and CEO of FoodTrade, said: “when you’re a small business, it’s hard to balance these regulations whilst running a successful cafe, keeping costs down and creating delicious, planet-friendly food.

“Businesses can use the search tools to find new products, suppliers, and buy or sell food in the online marketplace. And if the Environmental Health Officer walks in? You’ve got 100% confidence that your menu is compliant.”

Andy, manager at Hooper House in Bristol says, “FoodTrade Menu make compliancy so simple – it only takes a few minutes to print an attractive menu that lists allergens, but also showcases my suppliers on a beautiful, simple provenance map.

With technology to alert users of critical food recalls, or changes in product ingredients, this tool will be a welcome solution to onslaught of food scandals that impede our food system.

The new EU regulation states that all food businesses must label every allergen on each menu item, to allow customers to make more informed choices and make safe use of food. The majority of restaurants are not ready for these new laws, but FoodTrade Menu will offer this free (introductory offer) compliancy service from the 13th December.




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