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How can technology solve sustainability challenges?

Cleanweb – The leveraging of information technology to create powerful new opportunities to address the world’s critical resource challenges.

An evolving movement of efficiency, an accelerated sustainable market, a cleaner, greener tech solution – cleanweb has a delightfully fresh purpose within the global web of technologies.

But what does it really mean? All over the world, forward-thinking individuals, start-ups and organisations are looking to technology to solve sustainability challenges. With new-thinking and cutting-edge IT innovation, we can reprogram how we live, work and play – reducing impact on the environment, supporting local economies and creating fairer, stronger communities.

As part of Bristol’s European Capital events season, I was honoured to present FoodTrade and our new sub-brand FoodTrade Menu as part of ‘Introducing The Cleanweb‘: a panel of cleantech entrepreneurs and professionals. Discussing what is set to be the biggest impact and economic opportunity of our time, both attendees and panelists, myself included, were incredibly energised and excited by the cleanweb movement.

Successful projects are those that are truly generative, nimble, and focused. Be it energy use, transportation, system efficiency, or the sharing economy, there are so many clean technologies that are radically improving our impact. And with something that’s continually advancing and building in momentum, who knows what’s to come in the next few years – but we’re delighted to be part of it.

For those that couldn’t make it, here’s a video of the event. Enjoy!


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