Best food packaging design (so far) in 2015
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Best food packaging design (so far) in 2015


What does the year ahead hold for packaged food industry? We’ve sniffed out four of the coolest designs. The trends are leaning towards visual authenticity, smarter eco-design, ultra-pure typography and minimalistic luxury.

1// Russian design team transform milk carton into typographic art. 

You’ll find no roaming cows nor fields of green here. Dairy company Cheburashkini Brothers have released a new design for their milk based on bold typography. Design by Ermolaev Bureau, a graphic design studio in Moscow, Russia.












2// Tusk craft beer for tough guys

Apparently, this beer is very severe. Best drunk with a beard.

Sadly, it’s still just a concept, but you can see more at

3// Californian Wine Company rewrite the rules with paper wine bottle

These innovative wine bottles have been made out of recycled paper that contain a plastic liner. Eat. Drink, and Recycle.

See more at Paperboy Wine Company

4// Rice now

European sushi bran Rice Now designed their packaging around four key elements of Japenese cuisine: temake, rice, hashi (chopsticks) and maki (rolls). They say “the logotype communicates both an irreverent and an elegant attitude” and we couldn’t agree more.

See more at

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