There’s a new food-waste fighting hero on our streets!
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There’s a new food-waste fighting hero on our streets!


Every year the UK food industry throws away 650 000 tonnes of food that is still good for human consumption, yet 4 million people live in food poverty. It’s a crazy situation.

Plan Zheroes is one organisation that has sprung up to fight both food waste and poverty. They work with businesses that sell or serve food, such as supermarkets, catering companies, restaurants, hotels, schools, and hospitals, and inspire them to become zero food waste heros.

Using an online map, Plan Zheroes links up those who can donate surplus food with local charities that really need it. The ‘donors’ can post details of what food they have available and this information is sent to all the charities in their community that are part of the project.

Not all charities or businesses can deliver or collect the food, so volunteers can join the project by adding their profile to the map and offering help as and when they can.

The Plan Zheroes map is freely available here to anyone who is able to help donate surplus food to those who need it.

If you know of a business that would like to donate its surplus food, or a charity that could benefit please let Plan Zhero know by emailing or call 07505 617 844.

They’re also looking for volunteers so please get involved!

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