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Dear friends,

I don’t know about you but I’m confused. Everywhere I go I read ‘buy local!’, and ‘buy british!’ and ‘support our farmers’, but when it comes to down to it – when I’m wandering the aisles of the shops, or sitting down at my favourite cafe – I realise I have no idea where this stuff comes from.

It’s exhausting trying to shop and eat responsibly – and I know you agree – I’ve spent far too much time scrutinising small print and trekking to farm shops. Quite frankly, I’ve had enough. I’m done with it. I’m done with worrying, and I’m done with the hassle.

From now on? I’m using FoodTrade. It tells me where my local farmers stock their produce, it tells me which veg box is nearest to my door, it tells me which pubs can feed me a locally-sourced, ethically-reared, damn-good roast, and those that can offer a decent pint to match. But the best thing? It lets me tell the world where and what I want to eat.

FoodTrade is brilliant, but it’s still growing and it needs our help to build the food network. You can help out too, just by joining, or if you’ve got a little bit longer, there’s heaps of ways you can get involved. If you’re growing stuff yourself, you can sell or swap your veggies on there too.

We can change the system, if we all contribute a little bit.

Yours truly,

***your name here***