What on earth is #FoodTradeTuesday?


#FoodTradeTuesday was born so we could all know who’s who and who’s what and where’s what so we can optimise the potential benefits of the food system (or how we like to put it, so we can make good stuff happen). It’s a monthly event to help food businesses be the best they can be, in the best way they can.


Well we’re all working towards a better food future, a more resilient, progressive way of working, but it’s not easy, and certainly not if you’re a small business or just starting out.

At #FoodTradeTuesday, businesses and individuals meet, put faces to names, break down perceived barriers, make friends, and come together with an eye to mutual and welcoming collaboration; with excitement for possibilities, and no hard feelings if things fail to happen because we’ll better understand each others positions.


Why not host a #FoodTradeTuesday in your community? It’s heaps of fun – you’ll make friends AND rewire the food system so it’s a no-brainer, really. Check out our event guide, or read about past events.